O la Moda

Fashion is really a form of art, it is something that could be seen and worn at the same time. It is through fashion that you can able to express your creativity, your way to convey your emotions, and communicate your creativeness to the world.

You also have the freedom that is why I think it is indeed the greatest art ever created.

I have always wanted to try something dainty or dressy, I know it’s not my usual style but it’s not a crime when you at least tried something new out from your mainstream style, right?




I’ve been blogging my personal style for 8 years already and as much as I hate to I admit it, that YES, until now I still don’t know what really my style is. I can be girly for today and then androgynous or go black and white the following day. Good thing it was not a problem as I am enjoying experimenting and trying different style. I believe everyone should wear what they feel most comfortable in, something that will highlight who they are, right? I am hopeful that in due time I will able to find my fashion niche that will be in parallel with my persona.


dress: Promdi Chic Store | purse: Promdi Chic Store | sandals: Local find


what do you think? I’ll leave it to you guys if I nailed it or not.


Location: Cabagan, Isabela

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