Experience, Baggao, Cagayan!

Baggao is a first class municipality located in the northeast of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges in the province of Cagayan. It is one of the must-see towns of the province as it possesses natural spots and adventures one wishes to experience.

I’ve been planning to visit this breathtaking place since 2010 and finally, after 10 years! Nakulayan na ang drawing. Haha! If you wish to visit Baggao, here’s a guide for you.

How to get to Baggao, Cagayan?  

The easiest and fastest way to get to the province from Manila is by air. There is a scheduled daily flight going to Tuguegarao City, the capital city of Cagayan Province via the yellow airline. Haha! Normally, ticket prices vary depending on the season.

Travel time: 45 minutes going to Tuguegarao City plus 2 hours of land travel going to Baggao, Cagayan town proper via PUV.

Land Travel: Take a bus enroute to Tuguegarao City or bring your own ride. It will take you 10-12 hours of land travel from Manila plus 2 hours travel going to Baggao, Cagayan town proper via PUV or your personal ride.

When is the perfect time to go to Baggao? 

Normally it is early in the morning. They say the best months to travel are from January to May but it all depends on the weather. During our travel, we were blessed enough to experience the sunny but cold weather of Cagayan. I guess the wind and cold climate was just normal since it is “Amihan” season. The grasses were green and the water is bluer than blue.

How to travel around Baggao?   

If you are commuting or a backpacker, I totally advise you to visit the municipal tourism of Baggao, Cagayan first when you get to the town proper so that they will guide you properly. From the town proper, you can travel by PUV; van, jeep or tricycle going to your destination. I’m just not sure about the fare prices.

If you have your personal ride with you, you may travel straight-away going to Sitio Blue Waters, Brgy. Pallagao where the Blue Waters and Lipit Canyon are situated. There are directions available along the way but it is better to ask if you are unsure or else, you will get lost. ( it happened to us ) haha.

Where to stay in Baggao? 

If you are planning to stay there overnight, there are several hotels or inn in the town proper which are cheap and amazing. But I totally suggest you avail the home-stays available in the “Sitio” mismo para malapit na. Yes, pwede mag overnight as long as there are available rooms, so you really need to make reservations ahead of time or travel as early as possible.

Homestay: Php 1500 for two rooms including services such as paluto ng mga food. Don’t worry, they will take care of you.

Where to eat in Baggao?

There are available restaurants or eatery at the town proper but if your destination is Blue Waters. Mag-baon ng pagkain mga mars. Picnic lang, ganon. Haha!

“Paluto” is also available upon request if you’re going to spend the night there. Again, inform them ahead of time so that they could prepare.

As for our experience, we asked them to cook “Tinolang Native na Manok” for our dinner na hinuli lang sa backyard for only Php 200 and they also cooked eggs, hotdogs, pancit canton for our breakfast as requested.

Places we visited in Baggao?

Blue Waters and Cave– choose your fight! River Trekking or Forest Trekking? Haha. If you’re looking for fun and adventure, I highly suggest River Trekking! Why? 1-hour trek plus you will pass through series of waterfalls along the way or just check my photos. Haha! Basta, you will totally enjoy it!

Lipit Canyon– believed to be a cave a long time ago. The narrow river stream is walled with beautiful rock formations which extend about 6kms. This river is just a few meters away from Blue waterfalls and cave; you can either swim it or ride a bamboo raft for only Php 25 each. Keme lang.

Registration Fee: Php 30

Tour Guide: Php 500

What else to expect?  

Prepare yourselves for a long ride and trekking. Bawal sa maarte at kill-joy but it’s all worth the pagod, I swear! Everything in my experience was perfect and I totally enjoyed my stay there. The tourism spots, the clean and preserved environment, the friendly and accommodating locals… Baggao is very lucky to have these natural wonders.

The life in the Sitio was simple, no cellular phone signals, no WiFi, no loud music, no bidet, pumped-well water, no power line except for the battery-operated light bulbs and it’s okay! We spent the night stargazing and firefly watching over a bottle of Gin and coffee. I thought it was a perfect place to recharge and if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its serenity gave me inner peace.

I am sharing this so that you will also experience what I’ve experienced and I also want to promote the amazing tourism Baggao has to offer and to give the locals additional income/ jobs through our tourists.

P.S. I personally would like to thank everyone who took care of us especially the locals who also stayed overnight just to make sure we are SAFE. I’m sorry I can’t mention you all as I am really terrible when it comes to names.

But I won’t forget our amazing tour guides, Ate Wilma and Kuya someone, they didn’t leave us until we get settled.

You may contact her at:

WlLMA- (0955) 422 7400

to Kuya Jordan, who made our drinks and who climbed all the way up to pick those “Kamias” fruits because I was craving for it, the store owner who also happens to be the president of the Blue Waters tour guides and her wife for opening their store up until late evening.

Agyamanak Unay.

See you all soon, again!

Location: Baggao, Cagayan, Philippines



15 thoughts on “Experience, Baggao, Cagayan!

  1. Baggao looks like such a magical place. It is so beautiful it almost doesn’t seem real. The water looks amazing. Thank you for sharing these tips. I’m sure that visiting in the morning makes sense.
    You look fantastic in all of these shots.

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