Nature Awaits: Lower Magat Eco-Tourism Park

As the heat envelopes the city, many of us long for a quick and convenient getaway to relax and unwind. And with road construction in almost every corner, who wouldn’t grab the chance to be away from it all even for just the weekend?

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Eternal Summer


Has it been really almost a week since my last post?  Please don’t give me that face… but you see I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. But no worries, I’ll make it up to you by sharing with you a special place that is close to my heart. Santa Ana, Cagayan.

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With nothing but endless stone meadows, green leafy trees, tall hills, clear water, crisp blue skies and the nearly bittersweet end of summer on my skin, I soaked up as much of the peaceful and serene Magoli Eco Park as I could before returning to my extremely long to-do list.

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