P1-M na Kabuhayan Loan para sa mga MSMEs, handang ipautang ng BDONB


SIGURADONG naranasan na ng mga maliliit na negosyante ang ma-hassle sa pag-apply ng loan. Nandyan ang mahabang proseso at napakaraming requirements, yun pala nama’y maliit na loan amount lang ang mahihiram. Kaya tuloy ang planong mapalago ang business, hindi nangyari.

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Cash Agad: Your partner for recovery

The pandemic had severe effects on families and communities in the country not only because of the fear over COVID-19 but also because of how it disrupted their livelihoods. Many businesses shut down, causing widespread loss of jobs. For those who still had some income left, they could not so easily access their cash at banks and ATMs because public transportation was shut down during the lockdown and quarantine periods. 

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm me.” I was a little kid wanting so badly to believe in those words my mother had taught me, so anytime I was sad, hurt or discouraged I would remind myself of this invaluable piece of advice.

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