its my day

Dear Self,

Listen—you are going to find the things that make you feel free in life. You are going to fall into the deepest love—with another human being and with yourself.

You are going to discover the things that fill you with purpose; the things that make you want to rise each morning. You are going to feel hope cracking within all of the dark the past has buried within you; you are going to uncover all of that light. You are going to be okay. You are going to figure things out.

But you must understand that there is no set timeline for this kind of discovery, there is no checklist for this kind of growth. You may fall in love tomorrow, or you may fall in love ten years from now. You might discover your passion the day after you graduate, or you might be fifty years old before you finally find the things that cause your heart to ache with happiness. Whatever it is—just give it time. Be gentle with yourself; do not rush the way you stretch into the person you are becoming.

Do not scramble to fill your life with things that are not for you just because you feel like you are falling behind. You are not falling behind—you are falling into yourself. So please, keep going. Everything that is meant to be yours will be yours. It will come.

It will come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😉

Location: Cabagan, Isabela

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24 thoughts on “its my day

  1. Very well said! You’re so young to have all of this figured out but if you keep having birthdays, you’ll be my age before you know it 😛 A belated Happy Birthday and the cake looks amazing and I love your photos. You look darling!


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