My Lay Bare Robinsons Tuguegarao Experience

Last week, I had my first ever waxing experience at Lay Bare Waxing Salon, Robinsons Place Tuguegarao. I was invited by the owner to try their services so that I can share my experience here on social media and my blog. I didn’t think twice and said yes to the invitation immediately because I have been looking forward to trying Lay Bare ever since. I’m glad that they opened up a branch here in Tuguegarao City and take note: They are the only branch in the entire Region 2!

Even before this feature, I have been reading good reviews, comments about Lay Bare and my friends are even loyal customers.

Lay Bare is one of the first hair removal specialists here in our country. They are only using natural ingredients for their wax that is made of sugar, honey, and Calamansi. They believe that being “hair-free” is just the “bare minimum”. If you’re frequent to Lay Bare, I presume that you know they’re using cold wax in removing unwanted hair. But… did you know that there are other awesome benefits that their cold wax formula can give your skin every time you undergo their waxing treatment? Yes, there is and that’s a FACT.

Aside from that, they also have the CHEAPEST fee in the city! The staffs are very accommodating and friendly. The apple green interior is inviting. It also looks clean and relaxing. It has a homey feel of sorts. They put emphasis on privacy and hygiene plus comfort. It has a soothing and Zen effect.

Upon entering the salon, you will be asked some basic information. They will also ask you if you are a new customer or if you already have a record. There are no preparations except for Brazilian or bikini waxing. However, they have a checklist/questionnaire that you have to answer. Like, if you are having menstruation, is it your first time and etc. They will accommodate you to the room and let you change or prepare for the procedure.

I opted for underarm waxing, eyebrow, and upper lip threading.

And for my experience, I didn’t feel that much pain in the underarm waxing and eyebrow threading. It is not completely painless but I assure you it’s not as painful as it sounds.  My attendant was telling me some facts about waxing while doing the procedure so I thought it was a good diversion trick so I won’t focus on the minimal pain I was having. But, man… the upper lip threading, it’s another story! But, it is still bearable; being broken-hearted is more painful than it! Haha.

If you are worried about the sanitary issues, the technicians always wear their gloves and face masks. I can’t compare cold and hot wax since I only tried cold wax ever since, but both procedures are really quick so don’t think that you will suffer for a long time. After the waxing session, the attendant will apply a soothing cream and will tell you the do and dont’s after waxing like not to wet the area for 4-6 hours. She also advised me when I should go back to the salon.

I am really glad that Lay Bare exists. Their waxing services are very affordable and since it’s so affordable, I feel more inclined to get a wax more often, and I really can’t talk enough about the life-changing comfort resulting from waxing!

If you haven’t tried it, please consider doing so. It will change your life!

Thank you so much Lay Bare Robinson’s Tuguegarao for the wonderful experience.

For a more detailed post, you can also read my review here: TPC FACEBOOK REVIEW

For bookings and reservation: Call 0917-5780375 or you may add them on their Facebook account at LAY BARE TUGUEGARAO




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