Sunset in Isabela

Ah, May. The final frontier and an end to expressions like “Endless Summer.”

Forget street style images and runway trends, when it comes to getting dressed, Philippines’ natural landscape is brimming with style ideas to explore.

woven hat: local store | sandals: Parisian | dress: El Torogi

From the dreamy river days to bask in the afternoon rays and while the sun still sits high in the sky, we will be wearing clothes that elicit the lightness and ease of the season.

chic hat: SM Accessories | boots: Public Desire | dress: El Torogi

Looking for a way to project easy-breezy elegance with minimal effort? A minimal white tonal dressing will never go wrong. And while it isn’t a groundbreaking concept, the softer shade excels in evoking the “I just threw this on” effect. If the thought of mixing and matching makes you sweat, slip into a calf-skimming or above the knee dress instead. Adding to that, a straw hat that will definitely settle the long, hot days ahead.

Location: Isabela, Philippines




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