Dine: Franco’s, was it worth it?

Based on our PromdiEATS series last year, Tuguegarao City still is one of the top places to visit when you want to have good food experience and arguably the dining capital of Cagayan Valley.

The city has no shortage of top restaurants and is still home to a number of ‘oldies but goodies’ restaurants, and it’s also home to new restaurants that are easily becoming crowd favorites. Well, good news for all of you folks who live there, the food never stops. It still has so much more to offer, and in this year’s edition of PromdiEATS Series, I will be sharing about a restaurant called Franco’s by Manio’s Pampangueña: a local restaurant owned and managed by the 2nd generation of the well-known Pampagueña Restaurant which opened in the city back in the late ’50s.

 It’s in their pride to offer dishes they grew up with and one of their goals is to preserve the original recipes passed down to them by their grandmothers, mothers, and family members.

With a menu full of heirloom and upscale recipes, it makes sense that Franco’s has the vibe of a classic and modern Filipino home; monochromatic tones, minimalistic design– a total modern but home-y atmosphere.

Their menu is pretty extensive, full of classic and modern Filipino dishes not just from Cagayan or a Kapampangan Dish but also from the rest of the Philippines.

It’s best to start with Franco’s classic recipe that is hard to find well-executed in the city:

Franco’s Crispy Pata – The popsicle stick sticking out of the whole leg of pork is a hint. This Crispy Pata melts in your mouth like an ice pop. The popsicle stick is also intended as a knife because the flesh is just that soft and the thin skin looks like ready to crack. Swear, one of the best Crispy Pata I had so far! The meat is so tender and moist, with a balanced flavorful pork profile. It doesn’t even take that much effort to tear it apart and gobble it. Tip: devour the meat with the sauce and rice. Your tummy will thank you.

Franco’s USDA Ribeye Steak – The prized cut of the beef, the Ribeye! Franco’s topped this one off with a variety of side dishes that come with it:  mashed potato, mixed veggies, tomato concoction, and the flavorful gravy. For me, it worked really well. The meat juices were all sealed which made this medium rare gem of meat so perfect. Look at how juicy it looks! No effort needed when slicing a perfectly grilled piece of steak like this one.

Another dish that’s top-of-mind is:

Franco’s Tuyo and Dulong Pasta – I’d say… a pasta like no other! The Tuyo and Dulong totally changed the pasta game, a wholly different approach from the classic pasta recipe that we are used to. It is salty but delicious, and definitely, a must try.

Franco’s Baked Nachos – enormously loaded with everything you could possibly want in a hefty plate of nachos. It is the “it” platter of nachos that needs to be devoured. Tangy tones, cheesy; topped with a layer of melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese, refreshing tomato flavors from the salsa served on top, plus nacho chips all baked to crispy perfection!

Aside from ala carte meals, Franco’s is also serving daily buffet meals; from lunch to dinner.

Price ranges to Php499 on weekdays and Php549 on weekends.

Like many best-kept secrets, this one is bound to get out and explode onto the food scene. And to answer the question if Franco’s is worth to visit, my answer is YES!

So, better come here right away. What’s most impressive about Franco’s is how it elicits that feeling of goodwill after you’ve eaten at a really good restaurant; you leave it feeling a little bubbly, happier and with a fuller stomach than from when you first came in.

They’re located at Level 1, Robinsons Place Tuguegarao, Tuguegarao City.

For more info and reservation, you may visit and like their official Facebook page here-  Franco’s Facebook




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