It’s taken me some time to readjust to the busyness of adult-ing after such a long break over Christmas and yea… the blog hiatus. It seems there is not much time to do anything, let alone blog, which admittedly I have missed.

Life has been extremely hectic and I have had little down-time of late. My brother and I have been busy on something that we will be launching soon. It is hectic, crazy and demanding whilst rewarding. I have been doing the out sourcing of products and other stuff wherein I suddenly thought of this blog… “It is writing time for me”, I told myself, and now I am here hoping that writing on the side, will help get me through all the stress. I have missed posting on here because this blog is definitely one of my favorites in my life.

I admit I toned down my presence on this blog and on my other social media accounts because I’ve been feeling unhappy—not just about work, but about myself. Multi-tasking has its own disadvantages, and it has greatly affected my performance. I’ve been feeling frustrated because I haven’t been happy with my outputs the past few months. There’s nothing more I hate than sending in half-baked work and knowing I can do better.  But I’m still thankful and grateful because I have you guys who always support what I do in social media and to share my life journey with. And I am even more grateful for the friendship we’ve made through the years—to everyone who always sends me a message of support, thank you. And to everyone who struggled, overcame, and shared their own stories with me, thank you. This is what this humble blog is for, after all.

2018 had passed by and it has been a wonderful year to me.  During the holiday break, I was able to squeeze a fashion shoot with these clothes from Zaful and did a little retreat. We went to the river because this is where I always feel most complete. I don’t really know why or how, it just feels right. For me, nothing beats the tranquility of the river, the sounds of the waves rolling in and out, of birds flying overhead, walks along the gravels, hair tussled by the river breeze, the feeling of gravels between my toes, paddling in warm rock pools, collecting stones along the shore. Nothing on earth feels as good as it does when I am at this place.

coordinates: Zaful

And I know the river will be waiting for me whenever I need to take time out, to find the peace amidst the hustle and bustle.

Let’s keep this post short: WELCOME TO 2019!

Happy New Year everyone!

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