Blue Coast


Keep the fires of summer stoked and make a getaway with your latest flame, head on down to Santa Ana and get ready to lose yourself in a tropical paradise.

Santa Ana, has always been a go-to-place whenever I wanted to be bathe in a sea salt water.  Aside from its beauty, it also calm, peaceful, and untroubled. A perfect place where you can detach yourself from anything rowdy. In other words, NO NIGHTLIFE.




With nothing but endless body of water, crisp blue skies, perfect sunset and the nearly bittersweet end of summer on my skin, I soaked up as much of the peaceful and serene Blue Coast Beach Hotel as I could before returning to my extremely long to-do list.

The hotel’s facility is superb. The rooms are very clean. The infinity pool provides a breathtaking view of the ocean when you go for a swim, a truly a picturesque resort and… staff are excellent! They go above and beyond to make your stay pleasant. From the security guards, the front desk, housekeeping, everybody! All our request were granted, they even helped us setting a birthday dinner for my mom on its sister hotel nearby, their hospitality and smiles make you feel very welcome.


Though it is not a white beach, but there is something so intimidating and fascinating about rough grey water, something you don’t get with crystal clear water. Who needs fancy when you have a gorgeous scenery, great family, and food?

Location: Blue Coast Beach Hotel






32 thoughts on “Blue Coast

  1. This dress is so gorgeous on you! Wow, what a nice place to stay at close to the beach! Looks lovely!


  2. Santa Ana looks like a GORGEOUS place to check out! The hotel gives such amazing vibes – even better that it has a nice view right outside. It is great that they were super helpful with setting your birthday dinner. Glad you enjoyed your time out there!

    Nancy ♥

    • Yes, aside from the amenities, a warm hospitality from the staff should be a must. 🙂
      Thank you for visiting Nancy. 🙂

  3. Your dress matches the beauty of the place. I have been to Santa Ana as well. Indeed, it is a lovely place but no nightlife nga lang, hehe. Well, if you are with your someone, I think it is alright.

  4. Oh, you had me at ‘infinity pool’. What a dream this accommodation sounds! The imagery in this post is so beautiful darling; very crisp and fresh. x

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