Dine: Reyes Barbecue at SM City Cauayan

After attending an annual launch event, with a stomach that is still full… you will definitely think of an excuse on how you will say NO and get away of an invitation for another round of a food attack adventure. The answer is YOU CANT.

It was a feast to remember, 4 different meal chosen, beverages poured in generous amounts, endless stories, dining with the great people whom you share the same passion with.

The restaurant was REYES BARBECUE, a franchised gastronomic haven that can be found inside SM City Cauayan.

Specializes in good mid-priced Filipino food, their banner product, BARBECUE, which is one of their best sellers, was developed by their founder Francisco “Frank” Reyes; a third generation member of the cooking clan who pioneered the best food combination that majority of the Manilans grew up with: The Barbecue, Peanut Sauce, Java rice and Atchara (pickled Papaya) on the side.

Swear, it was one of the best Barbecue that I have tasted; it was savory and well-marinated, so unlike the ketchupey kind found in other establishments. The peanut sauce was no letdown, Java Rice whets the palate as it is. I ordered Grilled Squid and it tasted perfect, same as well with the Grilled Tuna which my brother ordered, our taste buds were treated to a higher level, fresh!

Today, Reyes Barbecue stores take pride in serving the best tasting barbecue meals to their customers, and continue to work on new innovations to create the barbecue favorites of the future. Watch out for them!

Visit Reyes Barbecue at SM City Cauayan, located on the ground level and they are open from 10: am to 9:00 pm daily.

For more information and inquiries, you may visit their Facebook page at:

 Reyes Barbecue SMCauayan Region2



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