Twenty – eighteen

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I had a much needed interim recently after realizing my interests, expectations and creative outlook had shifted. Questions as to why I haven’t updated this space for quite some time.

Even though 2017 has been one of my most successful years, I found myself questioning what it is I want to create and what it is I want to say on this platform now.

I feel like everything got a bit out of control but I still believed I could handle it all – because well, I have to. I decided for a time-out in one of the many things I’m working on and well, obviously it hit the blog – my baby which used to fill me with so much joy, happiness and proudness but turned into a burden recently. Sound dramatic – actually quite the contrary as I finally know what I want: Back to the roots, but differently. I just needed a time for myself, a time to assess how I wanted to move forward.

I want to share more content on the blog, continue putting focus on this baby right here, which I brought into live 4 years ago. I want to create more relevant content beside the inspiring outfits, more travels, more beauty, a new, personal overall package which I can look at like 100 times a day because I’m incredibly proud of it and what I and my team are able to do.

And as always I’m very keen to hear your thoughts, because you guys are not just silent observers but an important part of it and an inspiration!

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dress: Dresslily | earrings: Esther and Ruth Ph

To end this this first entry of 2018, allow me to say thank you! For being with me through all the years, and I hope that this new year is life-changing, world-shaping, wonderful, purposeful, awe inspiring, incredible, fantastic, magnificent, extraordinary, blessed, thrilling, grace-filled, jubilant, delicious, unbelievable, marvelous, astonishing, mind-blowingly spectacular  and ridiculously happy. Cheers!

Location: Pinacanauan River, Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines.



48 thoughts on “Twenty – eighteen

    • Exactly, you really need to take a break sometimes and just re-think of everything. It helps, and im sure that you’ll do great this year as well.

  1. First of all, the photos are amazing, you look gorgeous. Love this post, we have to make sure that we do what we love the most and always be true to our believes. May 2018 be a spectacular year for you, full of wonders and positivity 🙂
    Have a wonderful week,

    Patricia & Miguel

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