I’m much of a playful person when it comes to fashion, though my style is very basic and sometimes a little conservative. Somehow, there will always be this weird energy in me that tells me to veer away from the usual and just go and experiment. Who can blame me? Aside from the bipolar weather, I feel like my dressing up behavior is quite jammed up.

Experimenting, not experimenting and then more experimenting, but I guess this is one of the early quarter life dilemmas that I have to face.

Creating chic yet cheap looks is a breeze when you’ve got stylish pieces.

Who would’ve thought that these items were bought at a thrift shop? I’m a person who enjoys variety and sometimes, it’s not really the tag or it isn’t where you bought or how much a piece of clothing that counts. It’s about how a piece can reflect one’s comfort level and sense of style that matters most.

Besides, we don’t need million-dollar outfits to make us feel like a star. With the right confidence, we are all made stars in our own right. And a “budget fashionista” knows how to be chic and save money at the same time. You can never go wrong with fashion. Even if you wear the cheapest piece, you can stand out if you know how to carry yourself with ease which makes them chic, so having a cheap wardrobe is okay. You can even have more of them since they’re not expensive. Plus, with more items in your closet, it’s easier to mix and match.

So… If your style receipts could use a little downsizing, head over to MNLSTREEWEAR for fab items and keep these tips in mind next time you stock up on your basics.

Location: Cabagan, Isabela


16 thoughts on “Cheapskate

  1. I love how you style your clothes together! I’m all for styling clothes that don’t cost a fortune! Haha, anything works as long as you put your mind to it :). Thanks for reminding us that fashion doesn’t need to be expensive.

    • Thanks love! Yup, fashion doesn’t need to be expensive all the time. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a nice day. 🙂

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