Happy start to the week friends! Sundays always have this way of motivating me. I typically work through the weekdays, but Sundays still have this effect on me where I feel so rejuvenated for the week ahead.

I’m embarking on some really exciting (and humbling) projects this week that literally make my little girl dreams feel like they’re coming true and feeling super grateful for it all. I hope you’re chasing those dreams too friends!

On another note:

I feel like I should call this post “How to Dress for Cold Season When You Live Somewhere that is Sunny 90% of the Time” but I didn’t really think that had a nice ring to it! As cold season rolls in, one thing I’m most excited about is bringing out my light sweaters, jackets and blazers from the back of my closet. But  living in a tropical country, I’ve had to make my peace with the fact that I can’t wear sweater all the time and all my pretty boots will just have to live in the back of my closet until God knows when I can wear them. However that doesn’t mean I’m going to miss out on all the lovely things about Cold Season.

coordinates: FashionMia | heels: Sammydress

These lovely pair which was sent to me by FashionMia is the perfect compromise, that feeling when style = comfort? Because I can’t do uncomfortable clothing, as beautiful as it might look, it just doesn’t make the cut into my closet. That’s not to say my entire closet is sweats, but when I find brands that really embrace the comfort-style balance, I’m totally in cloud 9.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet since I’m off to somewhere with my family. Fingers crossed I don’t spend my entire paycheck on shopping! ‘Til next time…


Location: Ilagan Sanctuary


44 thoughts on “Checkmate

  1. I love the background and how colorful everything is! A post about how to dress for the winter when you live in a area that is mainly warm would be a great idea.

  2. I feel the same about Sundays! It’s a fresh start to the week – might as well make the most out of it ;). I live in LA and it’s cold in the mornings/night and super hot during the daytime. Glad to hear that FashionMia has been working out for you!

  3. Hope your projects have gone amazingly this week! Chasing your dreams is the BEST feeling! I want to hear more about what you’re doing! There’s nothing better than seeing someone who’s passionate about their LIFE :).
    And if you’re interested in pulling out the cold weather clothes… Come on down to CO! It’s currently snowing haha, BUT, it’ll be sunny and 70 by Sunday! And then snowing again on Monday.. That’s Colorado in a nutshell!
    Can’t wait to hear your updates!

    Susie |

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