Imma be

Following the recent blog post I made a week ago after a couple of months blog hiatus, I am here again dropping an entry.

I wish I could say that it’s because I’ve lost interest in this industry, but the truth is much stranger than fiction. I tweaked my blog and ruined everything, and plus… I got lazy.

To be fair however, I had every intention of writing a new entry. In fact, I’ve a saved draft for the future posts but unfortunately, life got in the way. Here’s to hoping this month will give me consistency when it comes to blogging, otherwise, I’m fairly active on social media so add me up as @aprilnunezzz on either Instagram, Twitter.

Will I already stop blogging? They asked. No… I’m not letting it go. I don’t like not finishing things I’ve started, I also have attachment issues and I still love what I’m doing. I am a survivor and I will still survive.

I should’ve been dead back in 1991. Luckily, I made it but grew up with health issues as a kid (maybe that’s why I was so skinny). Then over time, I became a student and a blogger later on. This blog has opened doors, opportunities and life experiences that I will forever cherish. It changed me; it gave me confidence and boosted my morale. I may lose track sometimes but quitting will not always be the solution, right?

top: Sammydress | hat: SM Accessories ( SM City Cauayan ) | bag: local product

So, stay steady on the grind, folks. When you stack all the minutes you spend every day working on your vision, you can look back years from now and be proud of yourself. Don’t talk about change. Make it and be it.

Location: Pinacanauan River, San Pablo, Isabela



61 thoughts on “Imma be

  1. “Make it and be it” – I LOVE that! It’s so easy to just throw in the towel when things get tough, but it’s so much more satisfying to push through and MAKE it work. Dreams don’t work unless you do :). Get it girl!

    Susie |

  2. Love that you’re still finding some time to contribute to your blog! Life definitely definitely gets in the way of these creative side projects but it’s always a nice thing to return to. Loving these photos!! Makes me miss summer already!

    Looks by Lau

  3. Glad to know you’re not giving up. I recently tweaked my blog’s theme as well and having a hard time on it. I’m actually still not finish, but it’s taking too much time and I decided to pause for a while, focus on the content instead. I also thought about quitting sometimes, especially recently when someone offered me to buy my whole blog, but then, it’s part of my life now. And couldn’t give it up that easily when I thought about it.

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  4. Blogging is not for the faint of heart thats for sure. It is A LOT of work and hard to do with a full-time job. It can be good to take breaks. Glad you are not giving up, though it sucks you lost everything, Egads that is nightmare. But love you look here and the photos.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

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