SM City Cauayan’s Glitter Run Shine!

I don’t really have a great interest in outdoor activities or other activities with physical involvement, and how much more on endurance running?

Nowadays, joining a fun run is one of the must-do activities ever since the health and wellness consciousness became a trend. And what the heck is Glitter Run Shine, you ask? A unique colorful, glittery race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality. Basically, it’s an excuse to get messy and feel like you’re doing something active while you’re at it. Oh yeah, and it usually benefits a good cause.

And Its amazing that SM City Cauayan brought this Glitter Run Shine event in the region.

First run start was for the 5k and then our category, 3k.
After a few jogs from the starting line, a fire hose greeted us with pink water! haha. Some runners went through it and some avoided it including me, and I actually kinda regret it after. I wish I have tried it. Lol
They gave us packets of color to hold onto and throw at the end which made me really excited. I thought this kind of activity definitely something to do with friends or family, I actually think my family would have really enjoyed it.
You can see that some people got VERY colorful! But you have to make a concerted effort.
After were done running, we went back to the open parking area where the stage was and a very exuberant volunteers calls you over and blasts the crowed with color while everyone jumps around and tosses their color packets. There’s raucous music, and they were even lifting people in the crowd like at a rock concert. It was a blast. Kind of like a rave with blasting colors!
I definitely enjoyed this event. I’m raring to do another, I think it’s a great time for someone who just wants to do something active and fun. Definitely one tick off the bucket list, and thank you to SM Supermalls esp. SM City Cauayan for inviting and letting me experience my first ever fun run! ONE FOR THE BOOKS!
Location: SM City Cauayan Open Parking.

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