The weather is somehow still at its sweltering peak here, with occasional bouts of pleasant to heavy rain showers and a week before December to culminate with it, I can’t help but long for cool temperatures.

Attached with it comes the excitement of styling chilly season clothes, oh the fun in layering, but before the chilly season hits us, there’s the in-between season offering another opportunity to reinforce my craft and explore different pieces of summer and cool wardrobe to combine them into perfect transition looks.


But before that, I apologize for the long blog hiatus due to the recent calamity that my dear homeland esp. my home province has experienced. Search, Typhoon Haima– one thing I realized, tropical storm cyclone signal no. 5 wasn’t a joke. Our town was severely damaged, and there was no electricity, and internet line for almost a month. Yes… until now, some of the far-flung areas doesn’t have electricity as of this typing. But were still thankful that were safe, and hopefully… it will never happen again.


top: ZAFUL | shorts: Zara

On the brighter side, ZAFUL  contacted me two months ago for collaboration and has sent me clothing of my choices. In case you are wondering what ZAFUL is? They are an online shop which caters various types of fashionable clothing in an affordable prices but with a good quality! They also promise for convenient shipping and shopping services. Isn’t that what we all want and desire?

Inspired by the two tones, pronounced as the new ‘it’ couple in the fashion sphere aka monochrome, I curated this look for today’s post. This Irregular Hem Half Sleeve Hollow Out T-Shirt is the bomb, the asymmetrical design made it more appropriate for the look that I’m aiming, the quality was superb which made me really satisfied. Thankfully some fast fashion speakeasies are available, I found just the right pair of fishnet stockings to satiate my urge and to complete this look.

Fishnet stockings are going to be big this season and are hitting the streets now as I observed, done subtle or lavish, they are a sure-fire way to amplify your basic outfit.

What do you think?

Location: Isabela, Philippines




73 thoughts on “Femme

    • sobraaaaaaaa! Huhu, it could’ve been worst… Thank God for Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges.. pero I wont forget that day, no damages naman sa amin pero our neighborhood and others. Thanks loooove!

    • Thanks Yasmin, yes… I think when properly matched, fishnet tights can be a fashion forward. Yea, everything is going back to normal already.

  1. Great to read another post by you again! Also, so glad that you are okay despite the typhoon! On a happier note, I really love this outfit! The photos are so on point, and they really enhance the overall look as well. Love how you paired the top with fishnets. I really like the look of layering shorts with fishnets as a transitional look. Awesome look!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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