Hotspot: R&R in Pangasinan


I can’t remember ever being this desperate for a holiday because I was always busy and loved working as much as I can and always felt guilty taking time off.

Now that I’m older and perhaps a little wiser, I can appreciate dedicating a few days for myself for my well-being to focus on having balance for the months ahead. For me, that means reading books, swimming in the sea, brainstorming new ideas, and no heels.


Last summer, we went on a spontaneous trip to Pangasinan after visiting Baguio City with my family. Spontaneous because we didn’t actually plan it, we passed on it on our way home and we decided, why not spend a night and a day on this coastal province. This trip was fun in many ways, it was my moms’ birthday and as well as a perfect time to refresh from all the responsibilities.


There is nothing more different than what the east and west look like. It is also humid but windy, mostly because of the wind, but alongside the sea side that’s what I love the most about it. This amount of wind allowed us to have (most of the time) great sunny weather, we waited for the sunset and it was gorgeous. The beach? It might not be as fancy as Hawaii or the Bahamas or even Cannes or St. Tropez but who needs fancy when you have a gorgeous scenery, great family, and wine? Though it is not as white as other beaches around the world, but there is something so intimidating and fascinating about a rough grey water, something you don’t get with crystal clear water… Nevertheless, I love it. It is so soothing and calming.


dress: Seductions | watch: Zalora | sunnies: Vintage

How about you? what does a holiday mean to you and how do you spend your break? It’s been so lovely hearing more from all of you and I’m feeling more connected than ever.

Location: San Fabian, Pangasinan, Philippines




76 thoughts on “Hotspot: R&R in Pangasinan

  1. Haven’t been in this side of the Philippines but wouldn’t mind to visit it. Love a warm wind too especially when loved ones are with me. Hey, nothing beats spontaneous mini-breaks as it saves us from the stress of over planning 🙂 Love the layout of your photos.

    • Thank you so much dear. I myself haven’t really explored this part of the Philippines and I’m sure Pangasinan has a lot more to offer other than this, and I can’t wait to go back. Thank you for visiting and you are right about the spontaneous trip. haha!

    • Thank you Emma, 🙂 You and my mom has the same name actually, Emma is her nickname. 🙂 lol. Have a great week ahead.

  2. Really nice pictures April!! And totally agree with you about holidays, it is something we all need to reconnect to ourselves. I really love holidays and beach ones are the best for me, i can spent the whole day in the sand listening music, reading a book, talking with my husband while the wind and the sea are the perfect soundtrack.
    Glad you nejoy that day!!

    • Thank you dear! Yea, exactly… Beaches never really fails when it comes to venue for relaxation. I’m glad you liked my photos. Have a great mid-week dear. xoxo

  3. Beautiful photos, I love your lace dress and the beach looks lovely. I still haven’t gone on vacation this year 😦 I’m going a bit crazy tbh but my boyfriend and I are planning a getaway for the next long weekend xx

    • OMG! i didn’t know that. haha. Yay! you know that Philippines has one of the best beaches in the world. Its good to know that you have a Filipino blood runs through you. Hugs!

  4. Loving how you displayed these photos April, your hols looks awesome and I laughed when you added the bit…’no heels’! Funny you should touch on this subject, basically, I got a new job this summer and wasnt really able to have much of a summer and not had a holiday. Miny you, I’m not complaining, it was sooo hard to get this job and I am grateful for it, but you know that feeling when you just need a change of pace, environment….people…anyhoo, have an awesome wkend and stop by my blog when you get a chance! ( :

    • thanks love! and congratulations on your new job, im happy for you.
      Oh well? what can i say.. working in a job that you’ve been wanting to do
      also brings you joy and it would push you to persevere. Right?
      take care always dear, and thank you fr\or dropping by. lovelots!

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