Dine: Barako Boy


I always love it when I spot places to snap away, especially when they come in literally rustic and artsy like these! Hence, I decided to feature again another restaurant/coffee shop which I think is deserving of a blog post and also, so that people especially you my readers who lived near the area will know about them, or just in case you will be in Tuguegarao City looking for a coffee shop.. you already have the idea where to go.

Okaaaaay!!! Wanna be food blogger moment number 2 coming at yah! Haha. This time, it’s on my newest discovery coffee shop in Tuguegarao City- Barako Boy! I remember when this coffee shop was silently tucked in the corner near Tuguegarao City Peoples Gym. My brother would always ask me to visit it even before. We just couldn’t find a perfect time. 🙂




And finally! Last December, I was able to paid it a visit and thanks to the organizers of the event my brother and I attended, the blogger’s meet up which I already blogged it here.

So, the ambiance was great, the food was great and we felt like it was a hidden gem meant just for us. I love their Adobo flakes and their espresso coffee as well. Its sooooo good and I definitely recommend it. But more importantly.. I love the totality of the place… the rustic yet cozy vibe of it. I wonder how it looks like at night time- it can be quite nice I supposed! I also had the liberty of taking my outfit shots posted here, away from everyone’s wandering eyes! Lol 😀



Now, that they’ve moved into a bigger and better location infront of Hotel Joselina or at the Petron Caggay compound. I think you guys should pay them a visit. 😉 A must for a coffee lovers.

check their Facebook page here for more info: Barako Boy Facebook

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

P.S. Barako Boy is located at Petron Caggay compound or infront of Hotel Joselina, Brgy. Caggay, 3500 Tuguegarao City, Cagayan




15 thoughts on “Dine: Barako Boy

  1. Thanks for sharing Miss April. Now, i already know where to go when I crave for coffee shop coffees when I’m in Tuguegarao.

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