Dine: Caffe Zicarelli

I was bored the other day and I decided to go out and headed to the city to unwind since the past few days has been toxic for me academically speaking. It was our prelim exam. I travelled almost an hour coz I felt that I really needed to unwind, and shopping is the only therapy that came to my mind, and of course…

What’s the best way to do and to end your day after roaming around the city and after the impromptu OOTD shoot? Yes, you’re right! EAT!

I’m not a food blogger or whatever you may call it that has something to do with food but I’m sharing with you this local restaurant I found interestingly which was located at the mall and gave it a try since we were there already and we no longer need to go any further to look for a restaurant, and I got curious as well on what do they serve.



I know it sounded Italian, that’s one of the first things I noticed at. I’m a fan of pasta and pizza and the thought of the resto having an Italian name excites me.




Whenever I dine outside, or trying a new restaurant.. Interiors and the totally of the ambiance would always be my priority next to the food. I don’t know, I always have this thought in my mind that when the ambiance is good, the more I will enjoy my food. haha but yea.. that’s just me being weird. LOL!


I love the rustic vibe interiors of this resto, and some old memorabilia like pictures and collections (I believed) were posted and displayed on the wall which complements the whole  rustic slash classic vibe and ambiance of the place.

r2*one of the pages of their menu that I took a photo with*

r4*Spareribs with Rice Meal*

My brother ordered this one, he finds it too salty though. But he finished it all and nothing was left. haha

r10*Panna Cotta Original*

This was the only thing I liked from what we ordered! lol Who doesn’t love desserts? Though I’ve tasted better Panna Cotta’s before in compared to this.. but this is commendable. What I like about their Panna Cotta is that, it’s not really that sweet. I just love the balance of it’s sweetness.

r3*Cheese Burger with Carbonara and Chicken Roulade*

This is what I ordered, and so far… so good. 🙂 I love the cheese burger but I’m not a really a fan of their Carbonara, there’s just too much Parmesan on it.


Overall, I enjoyed it.. 7/10! if I would rate it 🙂 I would recommend it esp. to my readers who lived from Cagayan Valley Region, just in case you will be here around Isabela. Give it a try and discover it more for yourselves. And they also serve coffees, pizza and frapps and cakes too! 🙂 They are located at ground floor of the Northstar Mall.


Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of my OOTD that we took on the same day that will be feature next on the blog.


Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 🙂



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