1146975_491031627650903_1464044033_oLol with the title, I knowwww! hahaha. You must be wondering if there’s a word such as “BlackaWhite” lol. I don’t think sooooooo. I just don’t know what title will I put for this blog post. Since my outfit was inspired by black and white colors, I thought of combining them and I came up with BlackaWhite. I know it’s silly but I find it cuute! šŸ˜€


We went to this bazaar like shop inside of a grocery store in our place with my brother and his friend. Then we entered this stall and saw this geometrical figured black and white dress and fell in love with it right away! I’ve seen many fashion bloggers wearing something like this and I thought of getting one also. I was planning to buy one from an online shop but thank God I don’t have too. lol. Come to think of it on how much will I spend if I order it online? lol. This is such a steal!

1167395_491031567650909_551321253_o735571_491031750984224_1154895026_oThe reason why I love this dress is because there’s something powerful about black and white, something really appealing about the simplicity of it, plus the geometrical figures on it made it more appealing and edgy!1172834_491031244317608_1646112870_o622309_491031294317603_1835202652_o11and Black and White looks modern, or whatever that word means. LOL964221_491031464317586_198652831_o

Neck piece: Bazaar find | Ring: Landmark Trinoma | Watch: Guess

1009700_491031957650870_2100569255_oBlack & White Dress: Bazaar find | Wallet: New Look | Silver Ring: Gift

981508_491032040984195_1705474913_oBlack Pumps: Gibi Shoes | Black Stockings: Clio

so what do you think? what have you bought for yourself recently? tell it to me!



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